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User Management

01_secureSecurity is crucial when dealing with the storage and usage of data Primeonemedialtd® boasts a customisable framework to ensure that all data is protected. Two tiers of configuration within the platform allow administrators to create and manage user accounts while also offering all users to restrict assets to be accessible by specified subsets of users.

Fully transparent and unobtrusive, this ensures that users of the Primeonemedialtd® platform are only able to access the functionality and assets they have permission to.

24/7 x 365 Availability

02_247It is essential that an on demand platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.  The Primeonemedialtd® platform must be there when clients need it no matter the time of day or night a campaign or communication needs to be sent. Our SLA gives confidence to marketers and technologists that this will be the case when they need to get an email or a text message out quickly to their customers.

The SLA of 99.9% availability is underpinned by a scalable, reliable and secure hosting infrastructure. There are no single points of failure in any component so that when something does fail our service is not affected; reassuring for us and our clients.




Inbound Message Management

03_inboundAt Primeonemedialtd we recognise the need to focus on handling inbound messages as efficiently as outbound messages. Recipients may choose to reply to the email you send them. Customers may send a text message to your promotional short code and keyword. It is important that you are able to distinguish the myriad of inbound messages and respond accordingly. The Primeonemedialtd® platform provides a fully functional email and text Inbox categorising all inbound messages according to their type. It is also possible to forward replies to a specified email address so that inbound messages can be processed without having to login to the Primeonemedialtd® platform.





Branded Domains

04_brandAs ISP’s are looking more and more at the reputation of domains when considering whether to place emails in the inbox or junk folder, it is key that a unique sending domain is used when sending email campaigns. As well as offering branded domains, Primeonemedialtd® also automatically brands email links with the same domain ensuring brand consistency.





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