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Facebook Application

03Our bespoke Facebook application provides seamless integration between the world’s largest social network and your own mailing lists within the Primeonemedialtd platform.

It offers the flexibility to utilise your Primeonemedialtd® hosted web data capture forms from within Facebook pages and facilitates the direct engagement of social network users.




RSS Driven Content

04RSS feeds provide a quick and easy way to publish and distribute real time content and Primeonemedialtd® is able to utilise these feeds to drive email content. This enables the dynamic generation of communications from information on any subject such as news stories, blog posts, product information or special offers.





Personalised Text Messaging


The marketing medium of text or SMS is one which is really valuable.  As an example, businesses who deliver products are able to incorporate the date and expected time of delivery. For other businesses it would mean being able to confirm the date and time of an appointment. There are many ways in which this could benefit.





Content and Spam-Filter Checker

features_contentchecker02Testing your emails in the wide range of different email clients is the most time consuming part of sending email campaigns. The Primeonemedialtd® platform’s in-built design and spam testing tool changes all that by doing the hard work for you.

Not only do you receive detailed screenshots of how your email looks like in over 87+ email clients / devices, but it also tests the content of the email against the most popular spam filters and gives you a detailed breakdown on where your email is possibly failing.





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